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The Testimonials Of The Tresses

"Please take the time to read - These mane and tail pieces are simply FANTASTIC!!! As a horsewoman that barrel races AND horse shows, these products are FUN and AMAZING!!! They are made so well. They are light. They are easy to install. They will stay in while you ride ANY discipline.

I know that show horses are used to heavy, weighted tails made from real horse hair. I have them and USED to use them. I'm NOT a fan of weighted tails because they HURT and they can do a lot of damage to the horse's own tail.

These manes and tails can be any fun color or natural to match your horse's own hair.

Chanel also does custom pieces. If you want a mane and/or tail to match your horse AND your outfit, just contact her and she will get you fixed up.

I am so excited for Mane Tresses and Chanel to be a part of the equine industry! This will be so much fun. This will be EPIC!!"

-Magen Coates

-Rachel Griffin

"INCREDIBLE product and great customer service! I ordered a silver ombre mane with a tight deadline for a photoshoot. Not only was Chanel super helpful with getting the correct size of mane, but it arrived FAST!

The mane looked absolutely incredible in person, and the attachment method is brilliant—easy yet durable. We turned the horse loose for a high-action at-liberty photoshoot for about an hour. We only had to re-adjust the mane near the very end, and only because the horse's actual mane was extra slick from frequent detangling/conditioning.

If you're a photographer looking to add some extra wow-factor to your next creative shoot, I cannot recommend Mane Tresses enough!"


"Luigi has been TRESSED by the best!"

-Paula Clemente


"I LOVE my mane tresses — it was easy to work with them to find the perfect ombré forelocks for my horses and the process was flawless. My forelocks arrived in a protective carrying bag, with a brush and elastics. I was given instructions on how to put them in and handle them, and my horses look great. Thank you!! Highly recommend."

-Hilary Moore Hebert

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