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Wild Icelandic Horses
How to Measure

Mane Measuremnts


Crest Measurement 

  • Ensure that the horse is at it’s natural head set

  • Start measuring your horse’s neck from 2 inches behind the ears or at the end of your bridle patch

  • End measurements at 1 inch before the withers. 

Pictured: 15.2 hands Quarter Horse with short bridle path has a crest measurement of 24 inches giving the withers plenty of space. 


Mane Hair Length Measurement 

  • How long do you want your Tresses? 

Pictured: Horse has long length of 26 inch mane hair length. 

  • Equi-tails are installed at any point on the lower half of the tailbone. For a seamless look, make sure its a point that has enough hair to cover the top of the tailpiece.

  • To measure for your preferred length start at any point on the lower half of the tailbone to where you want the tail to end.


Pictured: Horse has a measurement of 34 inches. You can see the start of the top of the false tail piece. 

Supreme Equi-tails

If you have a taller horse you may be interested in our extra long Equi-tail lengths.


  • Start your measurements at the top of your horse’s natural forelock

  • Measure to where you would like your “Pony Bangs” to fall.

  • Once receiving your product you can trim/feather as desired


* Rainbow and ombre are listed as longer lengths due to the manufactured color on the synthetic hair. Feel free to cut as needed.

(Mane Tresses is not responsible for any alterations made to our products) 

* If piece is used in speed events, it is best to tuck under browband to keep in place. Pony Bangs flow with the natural forelock. 

Pony Bangs 2.JPG
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