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Before Use
After Use
  • Remove hair piece from bag

  • Leave hair piece in twist while installing. This will prevent hair tangling while you are installing.

  • Make sure horse’s natural hair is free of tangles and products (ie. show sheen, MTG, etc)

  • When pulling your hair piece apart to reveal the elastic cords and slots, ensure that you do not pull too hard. This can cause the small rubber cord locks to slip over the ending knots on your elastic cords.

  • After your hair piece is installed you can remove twist and finger comb and lightly brush for styling 

  • Carefully brush your hair piece with a wig brush after every use
    ** If hair gets tangled while in use, carefully finger comb to remove tangles 

  • Return hair piece to the bag in sectioned twists for the next use.

  • It’s recommended to wash your wig after 6 uses. Use wig shampoo, conditioner and other wig care products to help restore the original style pattern of the wig 

  • Air dry hairpiece after washing. It is recommended to hang the piece with skirt/pant hangers in an area where wig can drip dry 

  • **Do not wring out or brush your hair piece when it is wet.**

How To Measure

Instructional Videos

Installing a Mane

Installing an Equitail

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Styling Instructions
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