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Is MT Right For Your Horse?

MT hairpieces are not a hair growth product. They are for cosmetic/aesthetic purposes such as for costumes, photoshoots and TV production, etc. We put together this brief guide for you to determine if a Mane Tresses hairpiece will execute your vision!

MT Hairpieces are BEST for:

  • Manes at least 3.5 inches long

  • Moderate to thick manes 

  • Manes that do not have gaps or really thin areas

  • Horses that are not sensitive to long manes 

  • Horses that are not sensitive to synthetic hair 

  • Horses that are not sensitive to styling products used in the upkeep of MT hairpiece

MT is NOT best suited for:

  • Roached manes

  • Manes shorter than 3.5 inches

  • Mane has to be long enough to band wig into place. 

  • Extremely thin manes- Horse’s mane has to be able to hold some weight without tearing out horse’s hair. 

  • Rubbed manes with patches of missing hair longer than 3 inches- areas missing hair will put a gap in the attachments of the wig which may cause drooping in the area of missing hair. 


  • This product is not recommended for horses with extremely thin manes

  • Be mindful of the styling/maintenance products you add to your horse wig, ensure your animal has no sensitivities to any hair product that you use on your horse wig

  • Keep product away from extremely high heat

  • Do not stretch your horse wig while installing. This will cause the wig to pull on the horse’s mane. 

  • Avoid rubbing against things that create friction, which can be damaging to a wig.

  • Please be aware, this product may shed 

  • Please keep out of reach of other horses, i.e. foals, other horses in turn-out 

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