Frequently Asked Questions

What color options are there?

- Natural colors- Black, grey, brown, blonde, honey brown, white, sorrel - Solid and Black Ombré- Red, blue, green, purple, teal, violet, yellow, orange, silver, purple, hot pink, rose gold - Rainbow

Are the horse hairpieces easy to install?

They are easy to install and easy to remove. Please refer to the instructional video for installation directions.

Are they clip-ins?

No clip-ins on these wigs!

Can I use them on different horses?

You can use them on different horses that have similar neck measurements. It would be difficult for your mini to wear your 16 hand horse’s wig.

How long do the extensions last?

The extensions come with care instructions, so it is up to you! They will last as long as you take care of them.

Can I braid or style my Mane Tresses hairpiece?

You are free to style your hair piece as you please. Please refer to recommended styling suggestions and disclaimer for more information.

Will there be tails or forelocks available?

We are working on the prototype for tails and forelocks and they will be available as soon as we are finished!

Can I order a custom horse hairpiece?

We will be available for custom orders soon. Check out our current color offerings to see if there is one that is perfect for you!

What is your return policy?

There are no returns and no refunds for the synthetic wigs. If wig a arrives damaged, please contact MT at

Do your human extensions work for everyone?

Yes, the extra extensions for the human counterpart will be fit for everyone. It’s best on a ponytail!

Do the hair pieces have chemicals?

Each hair piece is prepared with Mane and Tail Conditioner. Synthetic hair may contain chemicals from factory production. Mane Tresses is not responsible for any allergic reactions or injury.

Do you use natural or synthetic hair?

Only synthetic hair pieces are available at the moment. Natural hair pieces will be available in the future!

How heavy are the pieces? Do they restrict the horse’s movement?

Although the hair pieces are pretty light weight (less than a pound), they can become heavier, depending on the length of the horse’s neck and type of hairpiece that is ordered. Mane Tresses is not recommended for extremely thin manes. Mane Tresses is not responsible for mane hair damage.

How do I measure my horse for a hairpiece?

When measuring your horse’s neck for your hair piece, ensure that the horse is at it’s natural head set. Start measuring your horse’s neck from 2 inches behind the ears or at the end of your bridle patch. End measurements at 1 inch before the withers.

Is The Mane Patch right for you?

It is suggested that your horse have hair long enough to band for the mane patch to work. Please see picture below for example.

Additional Questions?

Let us know if you have additional questions! We would love to hear from you.

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