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Launching January 2021


A Tress Above the Rest

This is a launch you do not want to miss.

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Color Blocks

Cowgirl Chanel

In February 2019, a cloudy day of Black History Month, I decided to create a hair piece for my horse that would showcase the power, authenticity and creativity of the Black cowgirl. This piece was known as “Afrocentric Pony” and sparked a journey of whimsy and fun now known as Mane Tresses. The creation of beautiful and fun, cruelty and chemical free hair pieces showcases coordination between horse and rider with style and grace. I went on a mission to develop an easy to install and maintain hair piece for horses and ponies alike to combine my love for horses, art and style. My name is Chanel Rhodes, also known as “Cowgirl Chanel” and I am a visionary, inventor and cowgirl changing the horse industry, one hairpiece at a time. 

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