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A Tress Above the Rest

How It Works

Choose your favorite color, length, and size of your Mane Tresses hairpiece.

Wait 4-7.5 weeks for the creation of your unique horse hairpiece. Shipping is normally 5-7 days after your order is complete. **Please note; due to COVID, International Shipping can take a few months.***

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About Us

Mane Tresses started as a passion project in 2019. Over the next year the founder, Chanel Rhodes, perfected her whimsical hair pieces to make them available to equestrians everywhere.

Our Mission

The horse industry is full of rules and regulations. Many equestrians with goals of competition invest in pricey shows, essentially paying for judgement and an opportunity to show off their progress.

At Mane Tresses, we want you to let your hair down, literally! We want to heavily encourage creativity and freedom of expression in the horse, entertainment, and the theme park industry. Mane Tresses is not just about adding color to your horse’s hair, the brand produces an experience and a feeling that is translated in our mission and values.

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